Bernard Esclapez is one of the most respected contemporary French photographers. After obtaining a business degree, he entered the world of visual arts through cinema with feature films before moving on to TV commercials as production manager and director. Finding his calling in commercial photography, he established himself in the cosmetics, perfumes & luxury industries and has worked with the most prestigious international brands such as Lancome, Helena Rubinstein, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Armani, or Brasseries Heineken. He has been cited in the French press for his “direct dialogue with the product and his ability to personalize that product, his signature style of seeing details, of transmitting an emotion in 20-30 square centimeters.”

Since 1980, Bernard Esclapez has actively contributed to the development of French photography on both a fiscal  and associative stature.  He is past President of the French National Association of Commercial & Fashion Photographers as well as founding member, past Treasurer and Vice-President of the Association of Creative Photographers (UPP). He helped advance the recognition of the author-photographer status including obtainment of fiscal & social rights as equivalent to salaries  and was President for many years of the French Social Security Commission for Artists and Authors (Commission de Professionalité de l’AGESSA ).  He also helped develop, with the creation of  IRCEC,  the complementary retirement system for French photographers and is past Trustee of the French Complementary Retirement System for the  Arts (IRCEC). He has given Master classes in Moscow, Istanbul, Amsterdam, & Paris with photo exhibits and has been a speaker & member of judging panels for schools such as ETPA and CFT Gobelins, various photo prizes, and exhibitions .

Although Bernard Esclapez’ commercial work has been seen worldwide, it is with the series GREAT GOLD that his precision, technical ability and creativity are given free rein to explore the themes of permanence and age in Paris architecture.  His love of detail, so prevalent in all his commercial work, takes full flight here and is treated in the extreme. The black and white photos are delicately and minutely edited with the original gold, bronze or natural materials to emphasize Esclapez’ spectacular vision.

His series AQUA explores the theme of water : primeval, symbolic, fecundating, sacred… and  uses his digital prowess to present a series of unique images that subtly fuse different human forms with natural water reflections. The reflections were taken on lakes and ponds in the US during different times of year so as to have various effects such as ice, frost, calm, or wind. The delicate work of fusion and transparency creates a poetic dream, subtle and nuanced.

Bernard Esclapez lives in Virginia in the United States.